Brain Weaver

Creating the Fabric for a Healthy Mind through Integrative Medicine

Though adult cognitive development has previously been thought to be unyielding and static, Brain Weaver: Creating the Fabric for a Healthy Mind through Integrative Medicine offers new hope and empowerment for those looking to remain mentally vibrant for a lifetime.

Brain Weaver shows that optimal brain health is achievable by successfully weaving together a tapestry of our bio-psycho-social-spiritual dimensions. Brain Weaver also coincides with a decades-long surge in the public’s interest in whole-person treatments―body, mind and spirit evidence-based integrative therapies that include pharmaceuticals, electromagnetics, nutrition and meditation. Brain Weaver’s timeliness is all the more important now that we are collectively addressing a new paradigm for post-pandemic wellness that emphasizes our individual and collective responsibility for proactive healthcare.

Doctors Newberg and Monti’s team at Thomas Jefferson University’s Marcus Institute of Integrative Health are at the forefront of research in brain functioning and applications of the most advanced understanding in real-world strategies to expand options for optimizing our complex neurophysiology.

Dr. Daniel Monti & Dr. Andrew Newberg discuss their book, Brain Weaver, on Dr. David Perlmutter’s YouTube series The Empowering Neurologist.

Brain Weaver Webinar Series

Watch this webinar series with Dr. Sara Gottfreid where Dr. Daniel Monti & Dr. Andrew Newberg share the findings behind their book, Brain Weaver. The four-part series touched on topics including:

  • De-stressing your brain and the toxic effects of stress
  • Supporting your brain with targeted nutrition
  • What it means to have a spiritual brain
  • The mind-body connection

Watch a small preview!

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