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Dr. Daniel Monti, integrative medicine physician, in the media

Dr. Daniel Monti is a leading expert in integrative medicine and holistic health. As the founder and CEO of the Marcus Institute of Integrative Health, founding Chair of the Department of Integrative Medicine and Nutritional Sciences at Sidney Kimmel Medical College, Thomas Jefferson University, and author of several books helping patients integrate this knowledge into their own lives, Dr. Monti has become an authoritative voice in the healthcare field.

At the core of Dr. Monti’s approach is his commitment to treating the whole person. This philosophy bolsters his work with patients who trust him to guide them towards optimal health and wellness. 

Through aligned media appearances, Dr. Monti proudly shares his knowledge gained from extensive research and experience with audiences worldwide. He hopes to educate and inspire people to take control of their health and live a fuller, more balanced life.

Recent Media

Vital Signs

Dr. Monti dives into the power of the the neuro-emotional technique (NET) on stress and trauma with Brendon Fallon on Vital Signs. Watch the full episode here.

The Empowering Neurologist

Dr. Daniel Monti & Dr. Andrew Newberg discuss their book, Brain Weaver, on Dr. David Perlmutter’s YouTube series The Empowering Neurologist.

The Nexus Podcast by Thomas Jefferson University

Dr. Daniel Monti and Pat Croce dive deep into a conversation on brain health, stress and immune health, mindfulness, and advanced mind-body strategies for holistic well-being.

On Brain Weaver

Watch this webinar series with Dr. Sara Gottfreid where Dr. Daniel Monti & Dr. Andrew Newberg share the findings behind their book, Brain Weaver. The four-part series touched on topics including:

  • De-stressing your brain and the toxic effects of stress
  • Supporting your brain with targeted nutrition
  • What it means to have a spiritual brain
  • The mind-body connection

Watch a small preview!

On tapestry of Health

Webinar series with Dr. Sara Gottfried

The Brain Warrior’s Way Podcast
The Brainwaves Video Anthology

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    Official Bio 

    Dr. Daniel A. Monti is a leading integrative medicine, neuroscience, and psychiatry expert, with over 25 years of experience in clinical patient care, research, and education. Dr. Monti is founder and CEO of the Marcus Institute of Integrative Health and founding Chair of the Department of Integrative Medicine and Nutritional Sciences at Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University. A tenured professor, he has contributed to numerous research publications and co-authored Tapestry of Health and Brain Weaver.

    In addition to his clinical and academic work, which includes over 30 scholarly publications, Dr. Monti hosts The Dr. Monti Show and is a sought-after speaker and consultant to share his insight on integrative approaches to health and wellness to address the body, mind, and spirit. With his dedication to integrating evidence-based approaches in both conventional and complementary medicine, countless patients have seen transformative results, establishing Dr. Monti as an authority in this evolving field.


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